Digital Printing(Sublimtion)

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Scroll down to see samples of Sublimated Name Tag and Desk Set

   According to the dictionary sublimation means “transfer of gases from one surface to another”, in our sublimation the transfer occur at 400 degrees, which make the transfer very much permanent.
  Now days there are many types of items available for sublimation, aluminum and steel sheets, in many colors, textiles, ceramic tiles, plates, mugs, steins, pet dishes, magnetic rubber sheets, decals, pvc, tiles, acrylic awards, tokens, name plates and badges, and the list is endless.
  The transfers are printed with a regular inkjet printer, but it uses a special sublimation ink, the transfers are made with a special very bright paper and heat resistant paper.
  To transfer the image to the final product a press is needed, the most popular is the one you see at the shore or festivals that looks like a clam shell, you pick the design and they pressed it into the tee-shirt while you wait, we use 5 different presses.
A) The clam shell press
B) Two different mug presses, one for ceramic mugs and steins, and an older one for plastic mug done at a lower temperature.
C) A hat press specially made for baseball caps.
D) Two old rubber stamp presses, that both platen are heated and pressed together by a jack, we use these for ceramic plates and tiles, acrylic and wood awards, telephone covers, etc one press take items up to ten inches and the other one items up to twelve inches items
E) An finally we use a small electric oven, to sublimate items with a special rubber strap tighten around them to keep the transfer in place, this are good for odd shape item like pet dishes, conical mugs and glasses, etc.

These are samples of sublimated name tags and desk sets