Crystal Engraving

                There are several ways to decorate or carve crystal.

          1- Scribing on the glass more like hand engraving on jewelry, we do not know of any one doing it that way.

          2- Carving into the glass with a diamond wheel, this method is limited to straight lines and is used by the big factories to decorate vases and the like.

          3- Etching with acid, this is a practical way; the problem is that the etching is to light on the glass, it is popular with the craft people, we tried but did not like.

          4- Sandblasting is the method we use. We start with the design at the computer, we print the artwork in a translucent paper. We transfer the artwork from the paper to a special mask under vacuum and ultraviolet light in a light box. Then we take the mask to the sink and under water pressure we wash all the areas that were not exposed to the light, this areas opens up. Now we let the mask to dry now we are ready to glue it to the crystal we want to decorate, the next step is to protect the whole piece with paper and tape and we finish this step we are ready to take it to the sandblasting booth, after the pieces is carved, we take all the paper and tape off, dip it in soap and water, dry it and we are done, the carving could be as deep as we want. As you can see is a long time consuming process but worthwhile with the final results

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